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Rich Aroma - Select Your Coffee Recipe

Chamberry Coffee Truffles

Spicy and sweet, this rich and aromatic drink takes coffee-lovers on a journey to the Middle East with flavor combinations you will find unforgettable. For iced coffee, simply add some ice!

Istanbul Magic

Aromatic, soothing, and full of flavor - this warm and minty delight is perfect for both summer and winter. For a refreshing summer drink, simply add a few blocks of ice and enjoy it cool.

Marrakesh Fresh

This aromatic mix of spices is the perfect wake-up call or tantalizing afternoon pick-me-up. .

Pozione Milano

Dark, creamy and oh-so-delectable… this dark chocolate-based coffee is the perfect sweet treat. This delicious delight can be enjoyed hot or cold, so if you prefer iced coffee, just add a few cubes of ice!

Rio Spicy Mocha

Siena Spicy Coffee Truffles

A rich, espresso-style coffee blended with chocolate and a sprinkle of sea salt. Make this rich and creamy coffee drink a cold one by simply adding a few blocks of ice.

Vienna Salty Mocha

Comforting, warm, and delicious – this heavenly marshmallow coffee drink is an absolute treat for your taste buds. If you prefer your coffee cold, just add a few cubes of ice!

Wellington Coffee Groove